Care about your PERA? Here’s the latest as of Monday, March 19, 2012:

At the Capital last week, the results were about as we expected. HB 1150 which would make the HAS calculation 7 years instead of 3 years passed out of the House on a party line vote with Democrats supporting our position and Republicans voting to decrease new employees’ retirement security.

HB 1142 was suppose to be heard by House Appropriations this morning but they laid the bill over and it hasn’t been rescheduled yet.

Currently, no PERA bills have been scheduled next week but be sure to sign up with CCRS (Secure PERA) for any last minute changes on the legislative agenda.

Below are summaries of each of the bills still alive that we are working to defeat.

House Bill 1150 – 7 Year Highest Average Salary
The House vote to pass HB 1150 on 3rd reading which changes the HAS calculation from 3 years to 7 years for new hires. This bill will now be assigned to a Senate committee. Once the bill has been assigned, if you are signed up on the CCRS website for updates, they will send you a link to email the committee.

House Bill 1142 – DC Plan Access
House Bill 1142 which gives all new hires access to a DC plan instead of the DB plan will be heard in House Appropriations. This hearing was suppose to be March 16th but was laid over and has not been rescheduled. This committee does not take testimony so your chance to be heard is to email them. Please ask them to oppose this bill!


House Bill 1179 – PERA Board Composition
House Bill 1179 changes the PERA Board composition to make member elected representatives the minority voice. This bill has had a hearing in House Finance but the committee hasn’t voted on the bill yet. A vote has not yet been scheduled.