Compensation & Governor’s Budget Request | October 2012 Legislative Report

ACSPP Legislative Update as of October 12, 2012:

We’re gearing up for another industrious 2013 Legislative Session starting in January and will continue on into May.  Stay tuned for a list of the bills and issues that Terry and the Association are going to be looking into and voicing for you.

The monthly Association Board of Directors’ meetings happen every third Thursday of the month.  Following each meeting, and as often as we possibly can, we’ll get you the latest news on progress and updates.  Check back, or sign up for email updates on our home page.

We care about your PERA, too.  One of the main issues facing Troopers and state employees alike is the state of your retirement, and the ACSPP is part of a tremendous coalition fighting to keep your retirement in tact and flourishing.  The 2012 Legislation proved to be tough on your retirement, but due to the strong efforts of Colorado PERA and their lobby team, the CCRS team, and the team here at the ACSPP (of which Terry Campbell is a member of all three),  they were successful in killing eleven bills attacking your PERA.  We encourage you to stay up to date with this initiative as well by visiting the website for the Colorado Coalition for Retirement Securities.

…ACSPP Legislative Update, October 30, 2012:

We are pleased to report that we are seeing major progress to the compensation structure, which is moving this issue in a very positive direction. The last several weeks have been spent meeting and working with the administration officials of the Governor’s office, Department of Personnel and Administration, and the Department of Public Safety. I must say there has been some very hard work and great deal of back and forth communication with all parties involved. I want to start off in thanking: the Director of DPA, Kathy Nesbitt; Director of the Governor’s Budget Office, Henry Sobanet; Director of Legislative Affairs, Christine Scanlan; Director of the Department of Public Safety, Jim Davis; and last but not least, Chief of the State Patrol, Jim Wolfinbarger. There were many other staff members from those departments that also deserve our thanks for work on this project. The hours of work and negotiations that went in to this change in pay was extensive, and I appreciate the effort that went into working together to move the stagnant pay structure forward. I also want to thank the Board members of the ACSPP and all of the Association members that kept the faith and stuck with us to accomplish this year’s budget request for salary increases.

We understand that the Governor’s office will be making an announcement soon about the details of the salary and merit pay increases. It’s important to keep this announcement in perspective. This is the Governor’s budget request, and must be passed by the State Legislature in the budget bill this next legislative session. The members of the Association should be proud of the work that was done in partnering with the CSP’s Command Staff in submitting a budget decision item that moved the salary issue forward. They should also be proud of the work that had some influence with the Department of Public Safety in their budget submission. Added to the list of accomplishments should include working with the DPA, and finally the Governor’s office, in keeping the budget request whole as it moves on to the State Legislature.

The work is far from over and your support of you and your colleagues is still needed. This double digit pay increase will need your help in getting passed. With the attitudes of some politicians that don’t realize the value of public employees, we will need to take our message to the next legislative session. It will become very important that you thank those leaders and legislators that have supported us, and talk to those who we will need their support from, in this up-coming legislative session.

Again, it can’t be overstated – Thanks for your support of the ACSPP!

It’s an honor working for you,

Terry L. Campbell