The Budget Bill | March 2013 Legislative Report

Legislative Update 4/16/2013

Well, the 2013-14 budget has been passed by the Colorado General Assembly. This year’s long bill (AKA the budget bill), is on it’s way to the Governor’s desk.  What this means is that we will be seeing pay increases this year for State employees starting in July 2013.  Generally speaking, CSP civilian members will be seeing a 2% increase and Troopers will be seeing a 4% increase.  These numbers will vary greatly depending on your personal job classification, merit rating and quartile ranking. To make my point, the Trooper classification has been moved up 23%.  This will move Troopers at the bottom of the pay range up 23% on the pay scale.  To continue with the Trooper class example, if you are somewhere higher in the pay range your pay will go up accordingly, but the minimum increase for Troopers will be 4%. Everyone else will be between 23% and 4% increase.  Each job classification has it’s own movement within the salary survey, but the bottom line is the vast majority of State employees will be seeing a pay increase this year.

After a LONG dry spell with no raises this is welcome news.  Although it will be harder to see in your pay, there is also an increase in your healthcare contributions this year.  The State’s share of healthcare contributions are also going up 2% towards your healthcare benefits.

Although this is great news there is still a lot of work to do on the State’s Total Compensation system. We at the ACSPP appreciate your continued support of the membership.

Terry L. Campbell | ACSPP Legislative Director