ACSPP President’s Message February 22 2016

The calendar says February, but the weather seems to be telling us that spring is right around the corner.  The legislative session is one third of the way done, and Troop Meetings are wrapping up.  Your Association of Colorado State Patrol Professionals (ACSPP) board of volunteers and staff are hard at work for you, our current and future members.

The next meeting of your ACSPP board is tomorrow, Thursday, March 23, 2017 at 10:00 AM.  The meeting is located at 55 Wadsworth Boulevard in Lakewood.  Members, retirees, and perspective members are always welcome to attend these meetings.

Now for the legal mumbo jumbo.  The ACSPP is allowed to inform everyone how and what your peer lead group is doing to support members and the mission of the Colorado State Patrol.  The ACSPP is the legislatively recognized employee organization group for ALL members of the Colorado State Patrol.  Under CDPS Policy, Chapter 2, Section 2, Title 1, the ACSPP is allowed to reach out to all members of the Patrol on one Wednesday night a month, between the hours of 6:00 PM and 3:00 AM.

With the current legislative session 40 days old, our ACSPP lobbyist, retired Sergeant Terry Campbell, is involved with and working on proposed legislation that has a direct impact on the State Patrol’s day to day operations as well as the mission of the ACSPP.  The mission of the ACSPP is:

  1. To represent the collective interests of Patrol personnel in matters involving compensation, benefits, and the retirement security they have earned.
  2. To offer members access to legal counsel during critical incident(s), administrative/disciplinary, criminal, civil, and traffic matters that occur in the line of duty.
  3. To promote a positive image of the Colorado State Patrol and support its members and their families.

Specifically related to point one of our mission, the ACSPP has been involved in a proposed bill which would help to see an increase in the state’s contribution towards employees’ health benefits.

If you have seen the news lately, there have been several PERA bills introduced this session.  Many of these bills, if passed, would be unfavorable in the view of the ACSPP.  Terry is actively working to see that these bills do not adversely impact our members.

There has been lots of talk at Troop meetings about pay raises for all state employees.  Before we all go buy new trucks, boats, and plan fun filled vacations to far away places, please remember we are only one third of the way through the current legislative session.  Each session is its own marathon, each with its own unique challenges.  This session is no different.  While initial information is favorable, please exercise restraint and do not over commit.

Our mission also references promoting a positive image of the Colorado State Patrol.  The ACSPP is helping in this manner with a bill with bipartisan support which will provide enhancement to the Move Over law.

With considerable help from our Womens’ Resource Network, our alumni, Command Staff, and the Family Foundation, the Highway Memorial Sign bill passed last session is almost to fruition where these signs will be placed.  With a tip of the hat to the Chief’s office, look for information to come out soon in regards to when these signs will be erected statewide.

As a reminder, the Colorado State Patrol Family Foundation 2017 scholarship application period is open.   Applications will be due no later than 3:00 PM MST on Friday, March 31, 2017.  Please visit the General Tuition Scholarship page or Lyle F. Wohlers Scholarship page for application information and directions.  Additional application information, requirements and deadlines can be found on the Foundation’s website at  Please direct any questions to Katie Maselbas at or 303-237-7439 x106.

The ACSPP has been successful because of the hard work of YOU and your volunteer board.  I have noted there are vacancies in both District 3, District 4, and the Division of Fire Prevention and Control.  Our newest opening which is vacant is the Civilians’ position.  Our previous representative, Natalie Satterwhite, has stepped down from her position to spend more time with her family and continue her professional growth in her new position at S.T.I.S.  Thank you Natalie for your efforts and contributions.

Guess what?  The good things we are working on at the ACSPP need people to make them happen.  We want your help District 3.  We need your help too, District 4.  DFPC, fire season is almost here, and we need to hear from you and help support you.  Having someone step up and fill this position will make this happen.

I hear from people in these parts of the Patrol, District 3, District 4, and DFPC who have a passion for serving.  These people have great ideas.  Put this passion and skill to work and serve on the ACSPP board.  We need people with fortitude, people who want to see great things happen for our agency, people that see serving others as important as their day to day work.  This opportunity presents itself to you when you become an ACSPP board member.

If you have questions about what is really involved with being a board representative, feel free to contact myself or any of the other current ACSPP representatives.  Our staff support at the ACSPP, Donna Campbell, can also answer questions about the position, its responsibilities, and your role on this board.

Listed below are current representatives.

Civilians – VACANT

Communications – Frankie Hennis (Denver Communications)

Retirees – Jane Crisman

Port of Entry – LaDonna Mason – Lamar POE

Division of Fire Prevention and Control – VACANT

Non-Commissioned Officers – Joy Grissom (Academy)

District 1 / Treasurer – Nathan Emery (District 1 VCU)

District 2 / Vice President – Randy Belisle (Troop 2-D Pueblo)

District 3 – VACANT

District 4 – VACANT

District 5 – Darrin Rodriguez (Troop 5-B Alamosa)

Specialty Troopers – Angela DeGuelle (C.I.A.C.)

Commissioned Officers – Brett Mattson (Public Affairs)

President – Larry Oletski (1-A Golden)

In closing, your ACSPP board members are volunteers, here to help work on the things which are important to you.  For 80+ years the ACSPP (PPA) has been here to help its members.  We encourage everyone to join, to let these volunteers be your support and voice.   We all have a chance to be represented by a strong voice to champion our cause.  We all have a chance to make a difference in our agency.  These chances start, and continue, when you become a member of the ACSPP.

Thank you very much.

Larry Oletski