SCAM Alert

ACSPP President, Larry Oletski, received a phone call from an ACSPP member tonight telling me they had received a phone call from a group stating they were a “State Troopers Association” and were soliciting donations to help Troopers.

When this member informed the caller he was a member of the ACSPP, the caller promptly hung up the phone.

The phone number the person called from was 720-961-8557.  An online search of this number shows this person to be making several “scam” phone calls to raise money on behalf of officers and Troopers.

To help our Association and Foundation, Larry felt it would be wise to post something to the ACSPP website, as well as to the Bulletin Board to warn folks about the illicit practices of this person / group.


Remember to keep an eye out for these types of scams.  If you are unsure if the request is a real solicitation for Troopers or not, please reach out to your ACSPP District Representative or the ACSPP office at 303 237 7439 or