ACSPP President’s Monthly Message

As the dog days of summer are behind us late on a Wednesday night, here is the latest from your legislatively recognized employee organization group, the Association of Colorado State Patrol Professionals (ACSPP).  Your peer board of volunteers are here to help you, our current and future members.  The ACSPP board serves as the voice for ALL members of the Colorado State Patrol.  This privilege is given to the ACSPP by CDPS Policy, Chapter 2, Section 2, Title 1.

The next meeting of your ACSPP board is Thursday, August​ 2​4, 2017 at 10:00 AM.  The meeting is located at 55 Wadsworth Boulevard in Lakewood.  We extend an invitation to current members, retirees, as well as perspective members interested in attending our meetings.  If you are unable to make the next meeting, visit our website at to catch up on the last set of approved minutes from the last board meeting.

​The next edition of the Colorado State Patrol magazine is going through the editing process and should arrive sometime early this fall.  If your summer activities provided inspiration for an article, send those to us for the winter / spring edition.  Articles and pictures related to your article can be sent directly to our editor, Trooper Randy Belisle.  The e-mail address to send these articles to is  Articles for the winter / spring edition are due on December 3​1, 2017.

​I am proud to announce the newest members of the ACSPP board.  Voted in as the Non-Commissioned Officers’ position is Sergeant Clinton Rushing from 1-A Golden.  Clint had previously served as the District 3 representative prior to his promotion.  Clint succeeds Joy Grissom.  Thank you Joy for your dedication and service to the ACSPP and the Patrol.

For the Commissioned Officers’ position, Captain Rich Smith from 2-A Florence takes over for Captain Brett Mattson.  Rich brings synergy and passion to the board and is eager to help serve in this position.  I want to say thank you again to Brett for his three years of service to the ACSPP board and his continued service as the President of Colorado State Patrol Family Foundation.

The results of the annual election of executive board members are in.  In compliance with our bylaws, the positions of President, Vice President, and Secretary / Treasurer are voted upon every year.  Current members of the board are eligible for these positions.  For the next 12 months, your ACSPP Secretary / Treasurer will be Trooper Nathan Emery from District 1 VCU.  The position of Vice President of the ACSPP will be Trooper Randy Belisle from District 2-D Pueblo.  Finally, your President will be Larry Oletski from District 1-A Golden.  Thank you to all board members for your contributions and efforts.  ​

ATTENTION!  As was mentioned in the June monthly e-mail, the ACSPP is currently undertaking the task of gathering data about supplemental legal coverage.  ​As part of our mission to provide the very best services, the ACSPP wants your input as we consider a transition from PORAC to a company called Professional Law Enforcement Association (PLEA).

​Before any change takes place, the ACSPP wants to hear from you.  Visit our website at and click on the Survey Monkey link for legal coverage.  The anonymous survey is ten questions long, and no identifying information is requested.  None, zip, zero, nada.  Really!  From this ten question survey, we hope to gather relevant information to help the ACSPP decide what facets of legal coverage are wanted and or needed as you do your job as public safety professionals.  I encourage all members, whether you have supplemental legal coverage or not, to take the survey.

​To help educate yourselves, information about current PORAC coverage is listed on our webpage.  You can also visit PORAC’s website at  To learn more about Professional Law Enforcement Associations legal coverage and services, visit their website at  Each company offers a full program of legal services which​would cover members for duty related civil, criminal, and administrative incidents.  A key difference is cost.  PLEA coverage is offered at a rate better than what is currently offered by PORAC.

​Cost is not the only consideration though, which is why we have the survey set up.  For those that are curious, other state agencies such as the Utah Highway Patrol, the Delaware State Police, the Oregon State Police, the North Dakota Highway Patrol, and the Idaho Highway Patrol currently use the services of Professional Law Enforcement Association.  This survey will be open from now until September 15, 2017.  This survey, its questions, and your answers, will help us to decide what company and their array of ​legal coverage is best for you.

​If you have any questions, I encourage you to reach out to your district / position representatives.  Listed below are your current board members.


Civilians – VACANT

Communications – Frankie Hennis (Denver Communications)

Retirees – Jane Crisman

Port of Entry – LaDonna Mason (Lamar POE)​

​No​n-Commissioned Officers – Clint Rushing (1-A Golden)

District 1 / Treasurer – Nathan Emery District (1 VCU)​

District 2 / Vice President – Randy Belisle (Troop 2-D Pueblo)

District 3 – Jared Woodside (Troop 3-B Yuma)

District 4 – Andrew Bogue (Troop 4-B Craig)

District 5 – Darrin Rodriguez (Troop 5-B Alamosa)

Specialty Troopers – Angela DeGuelle (C.I.A.C.)

Commissioned Officers – Rich Smith (2-A Florence)

President – Larry Oletski (1-A Golden)


​In closing, I want to highlight to everyone a few eye popping facts.  This year, nearly $60,000 in scholarship monies were handed out to applicants.  Some of these were for children of members, some were for current members continuing their education.  Even more amazing, there has been just over $67,000 dollar​s spent in hardship assistance to individuals.  These figures show the commitment of your Association to support its members.  When we are supported, we continue to pay that support forward.

I encourage everyone to join the ACSPP, to let these volunteers be your support and voice.  We all have a chance to be represented by a strong voice to aid and champion our cause.  We all have a chance to make a difference in our community and our​agency.  These chances start, and continue, when you become a member of the ACSPP.

Thank you very much.