ACSPP President’s September 2017 Message

Good evening,

The leaves are changing colors, and the mountains have a dusting of snow this last Wednesday night in September.  On behalf of the Association of Colorado State Patrol Professionals (ACSPP), I want to thank you for this opportunity to share with you the latest information from your peer board of volunteers.  The ACSPP board serves as the voice for ALL members of the Colorado State Patrol.  This privilege is given to the ACSPP by CDPS Policy, Chapter 2, Section 2, Title 1.

The next meeting of your ACSPP board is Thursday, September 28, 2017 at 08:30 AM.  The meeting is located at 55 Wadsworth Boulevard in Lakewood.  We extend an invitation to current members, retirees, as well as perspective members interested in attending our meetings.  We know not everyone wants to or can make the drive to Lakewood for the meeting.  To help keep people informed, our website ( includes the latest sets of approved meeting minutes.

With a tip of the hat and a sincere thank you to the Women’s Resource Network (WRN), the first few Highway Memorial Signs for fallen Troopers have gone up around the state.  This project, long overdue, came to fruition thanks to the effort of the many groups and individuals, including the WRN, the ACSPP, our Lobbyist, Terry Campbell, Command Staff, as well as the Colorado State Patrol Family Foundation.  Of course, the most important component in this was the unending support and commitment by the family members of the fallen Troopers.  It is with their perseverance and help that this project is being completed.  Check the ACSPP website for upcoming dates of other Trooper Memorial Sign unveilings.

For all of the current and retired members that took the time to complete the survey on the proposed changes to our supplemental legal coverage, thank you very much.  This brief survey gathered information about what is currently offered by PORAC, as well as what PLEA could offer.  The ACSPP board has an agenda item for tomorrow’s meeting to review the results of the survey.  From this, the ACSPP board’s actions will have direction from these results you have given to us by the membership.  Results of the survey will soon be posted to the ACSPP website.

​The latest edition of the Colorado State Patrol magazine should already be or soon will be delivered.  In it, you’ll find a bevy of great articles from our members from all across the state.  If you have an article you would like to see published in the spring edition, please send your articles and related pictures to our editor, Trooper Randy Belisle.  The e-mail address to send these articles to is  Articles for the spring edition are due on December 3​1, 2017.

In the last month, our Communications representative, Franclena “Frankie” Hennis has stepped down from her position on the board.  Frankie’s efforts during her tenure are appreciated.  For all of the Communications officers across the state, if you have interest in this position, please contact myself or the ACSPP office (Donna Campbell) at 303-237-7439.  We can provide some basic information as to what the position entails as well as your roles and responsibilities.  This position will be filled during the October meeting.

For the vacant civilian position, this position will go to vote at our September meeting.  Interested civilian members can attend in person or can call into the ACSPP at 9:30 AM on September 28, 2017.

​As part of a program to stay in contact with you, our members, your ACSPP district / position representatives will be reaching out to every one of you in the next few months.  If you see an unfamiliar number on your phone, it may be us, just connecting to say hello and check in to make sure we have your correct information.  This is your opportunity engage your representative with any questions you may have.  Listed below are your current board members.


Civilians – VACANT

Communications – VACANT

Retirees – Jane Crisman

Port of Entry – LaDonna Mason (Lamar POE)​

​No​n-Commissioned Officers – Clint Rushing (1-A Golden)

District 1 / Treasurer – Nathan Emery District (1 VCU)​

District 2 / Vice President – Randy Belisle (Troop 2-D Pueblo)

District 3 – Jared Woodside (Troop 3-B Yuma)

District 4 – Andrew Bogue (Troop 4-B Craig)

District 5 – Darrin Rodriguez (Troop 5-B Alamosa)

Specialty Troopers – Angela DeGuelle (C.I.A.C.)

Commissioned Officers – Rich Smith (2-A Florence)

President – Larry Oletski (1-A Golden)


​I encourage everyone to join the ACSPP, to let these volunteers be your support and voice.  We all have a chance to be represented by a strong voice to aid and champion our cause.  We all have a chance to make a difference in our community and our agency.  These chances start, and continue, when you become a member of the ACSPP.

Thank you very much.