ACSPP President’s Message

Season’s greetings,

Is it May, or is it November?  The unseasonably warm days make it hard to believe that the holiday season is upon on this last Wednesday in November.  In the season of giving thanks, your Association of Colorado State Patrol Professionals (ACSPP), is grateful for the opportunity and privilege of reaching out to all members of the Patrol.  The ACSPP is allowed to visit you by e-mail once a month thanks to CDPS Policy, Chapter 2, Section 2, Title 1.  So, before you delete this e-mail, take the few minutes to read this, find out what we are doing to help serve you.  As the year comes to an end, your board of volunteers has news to share, as well as let you know how we continue to serve our current and future members.

The next meeting of your ACSPP board is Thursday, November 30, 2017 at 3:00 PM.  The meeting is located at 55 Wadsworth Boulevard in Lakewood.  We ​extend an invitation to current members, retirees, as well as perspective members ​interested in ​attending our meetings.  If you want to find out what happened at our past meetings, please visit our website ( to see the latest sets of approved meeting minutes.

I am proud to announce our newest member of the ACSPP Board, Brian Mockmore from the Pueblo Communications Center.  Brian will serve as the representative for the Communications branch, and has already been hard at work.  Thank you to Brian for taking it upon himself to volunteer for this position.

The deadline is rapidly approaching for folks to submit an article for the next edition of the Colorado State Patrol magazine.  Articles and accompanying photos can be e-mailed to our editor, Trooper Randy Belisle, at  Please have articles submitted to Randy no later than December 31, 2017.  The content of the articles is only limited by your imagination.  Your innovation and commitment to your communities can be shared with everyone across the state when you write an article.

The PERA retirement system has been in the news lately.  Many of you have heard or seen the proposals from Colorado PERA as well as the Governor’s office as to ways to help right the ship in regards to the unfunded liability in the PERA system.  Your ACSPP board is involved in this matter, working with our current lobbyist, retired Sergeant Terry Campbell, as well as our soon to be lobbyist, Bill Skewes.  Additionally, a lot of folks do not know the ACSPP contributes to the Colorado Coalition for Retirement Security (CCRS).  And let us not forget that the ACSPP backed and helped to elect the State Patrol’s own Sergeant Dave Hall to the Colorado PERA Board.  Through these many avenues, as well as the ACSPP board, this critical item is being given the full attention is so rightly deserves.

The big news for the agency is the upcoming promotion of a new Chief.  As the legislatively recognized employee organization group, we had the opportunity to be on one of the panels for the Chief’s interview.  A huge thanks is extended to CDPS Executive Director Stan Hilkey and CDPS Deputy Director Rebecca Spiess for including ACSPP representation in this important process.  Our role in this process gave us a seat on the CSP Leadership Panel.  We were solicited for input in the form of questions for candidates, and were able to be in the interview process.  A special thanks to all members that submitted questions for consideration.

More big news from the ACSPP is the change for members that have supplemental legal coverage.  The ACSPP will be mailing members at their respective offices the enrollment form for the transition to Professional Law Enforcement Association (PLEA) from PORAC.  The form can be mailed back to the ACSPP, or, sent via e-mail to

For folks that have their ACSPP dues and supplemental coverages taken out by ACH, we will need the completed form sent back and the correct amount of the dues will be adjusted.  For members that elect to have their dues and supplemental coverages taken out by payroll deduction, a blank payroll deduction form will be included so that we can then submit that form to the Payroll Department for processing.

There is scuttle in the wind that this transition from PORAC to PLEA would require an eventual alignment with the Fraternal Order of Police (FOP).  This is not true.  We are not able to state this any more clearly.  This is not a knock against FOP, rather a clarification of fact about the supplemental legal coverage offered through the ACSPP.

The ACSPP recently voted to endorse a new member benefit to offer personal auto and home insurance program through California Casualty.  Don’t let the name fool you… they are not just in California.  California Casualty is a nationwide provider that has been providing exceptional coverage to public safety professionals for over 40 years.  The ACSPP believes that this program will offer significant savings to our current members.  California Casualty meets the strict standards of quality and value necessary to earn the ACSPP endorsement.

For many of us, your insurance payments represent a significant part of your budget.  For this reason, we are excited to share this upcoming program with you.  California Casualty has a long standing commitment to lowering the cost of quality auto and home insurance for public safety professionals across the country.  Plus, they offer exclusive benefits tailored just for members of our Association.  These benefits are not available from other carriers at any price.  You will begin to hear and see more information on our new partnership with California Casualty in the upcoming months.  Be on the lookout for more information through our member communications via e-mail, social media, and our website.  Additionally, representatives from California Casualty will be joining the ACSPP at the upcoming CSP Cadet Graduation on Friday, December 8, 2017 at the Wildlife Experience.

With all of that information, here is the most up to date list of your volunteer board members.


Civilians – Angelina Page (Port of Entry)

Communications – Brian Mockmore (Pueblo Communications)

Retirees – Jane Crisman

Port of Entry – LaDonna Mason (Lamar POE​)​

​No​n-Commissioned Officers – ​Clint Rushing  (1-A Golden)

District 1 / Treasurer – Nathan Emery District (1 VCU​)​

District 2 / Vice President – Randy Belisle (Troop 2-D Pueblo)

District 3 – Jared Woodside (Troop 3-B Yuma)

District 4 – Andrew Bogue (Troop 4-B Craig)

District 5 – Darrin Rodriguez (Troop 5-B Alamosa)

Specialty Troopers – Angela DeGuelle (C.I.A.C.)

Commissioned Officers – ​Rich Smith ​(2-A Florence)

President – Larry Oletski (1-A Golden)


​We know in our profession, the work never ends.  With that in mind, your ACSPP Board’s work also never ends.  We will continue to work on ways to enrich what is offered to you.  We will continue to advocate for your benefits, retirement, and pay.  There is untold value in being a member of the ACSPP.  Your trust allows us to be there to support you and serve as your voice.

We all have a chance to be represented by a strong voice to aid and champion our cause.  We all have a chance to make a difference in our community and our​ Agency.  These chances start, and continue, when you become a member of the ACSPP.

Thank you very much.