Colorado Victim Services Unit letter pertaining to Technician Lyle Wohlers’

Technician Lyle Wohlers’ killer, Marcus Fernandez, was sentenced to life without parole as a result of his assassination of Lyle 26 years ago. Subsequent to his sentencing, a Supreme Court ruling stated that those sentences of juveniles need to be reviewed with an eye toward allowing them parole. Colorado has complied through enactment of the “DOC Juveniles Convicted as Adults Program” in 2016, which allows offenders to complete a three-year program and then apply for early release to parole. I, for one, feel that Mr. Fernandez is situated exactly where he should be and should remain there until he perishes.

Gray Buckley has authorized distribution of the following letter from the Colorado Victim Services Unit which asks for statements to the VSU in support of Fernandez’ application, or statements to the contrary. They have an email address – – which should be used to convey those statements. When this came up earlier, several of our members sent letters to VSU to express thoughts regarding Mr. Fernandez. It’s time to fire up letter-writing skills and do it again. If you have thoughts to share, please take a moment to send a statement.

(Information provided by the Colorado State Patrol Alumni Association (CSPAA)

November 06, 2018



Parole Eligibility Date: LIFE NOPAR
Next Parole Hearing Date: n/a
Sentence Discharge Date: 12/31/9998 (Estimated)

Dear Mr. Buckley:

The Victim Services Unit (VSU) has been informed that the above offender
has submitted an application to participate in the DOC Juveniles Convicted
as Adults Program mandated by Senate Bill 16-180. This specialized program
was established as required by Colorado Revised Statute and in response to
United States Supreme Court decisions for offenders who committed serious
crimes as juveniles and were sentenced as adults. This is a 3-year
program which allows for offenders, with successful completion, to apply
for early release to parole.

At this point, you have the right to provide a written Victim Impact
Statement for consideration that will be submitted with the offender’s
application. Please ensure we receive your written statement within 14
days of the date of this letter by email to, fax to
719-226-4485, or US Mail. You will be informed of the decision.

If the offender successfully completes the 3-year program and applies for
early release to parole, you will be notified and have the right to provide
an additional written victim impact statement and / or attend the Parole
Board hearing in person to make an oral statement, or provide your
statement by phone. The Parole Board will make a recommendation to the
Governor for final decision.

Please remember to keep us informed of any changes in your personal contact
information to ensure you receive all future notifications.

Contact VSU directly if you have questions or would like further
information regarding this new law and program. We can be reached at
719-226-4709 or by email at


Victim Services Unit
Colorado Department of Corrections

Please visit the Victim Notification Program Website at