Remembering Patrolman Harold Bechtelheimer

Please take a moment to include Harold Bechtelheimer in your thoughts.

Patrolman Bechtelheimer (Beck) was the first CSP officer to be slain in the line of duty. While patrolling US Highway 85-87 north of Colorado Springs, he encountered a green Buick traveling southbound at a high speed. Before Beck could approach the vehicle, the passenger in the Buick and came around behind Beck. Beck spun around and struck him with his flashlight. The passenger shot Beck in the chest and in the left arm. Beck returned to his patrol car to call for help, before dying of his injuries. The driver and passenger were apprehended later that evening north of Colorado Springs and were sentenced to life in prison following trial.

Bechtelheimer entered the Patrol December 1, 1944.

(Information provided by the Colorado State Patrol Alumni Association)