Collective Bargaining Survey

Please fill out and submit the ACSPP Collective Bargaining Survey by December 6, 2019.

The ACSPP is taking a proactive step to seek your input regarding the issue of collective bargaining.  Many of you recall that in the 2019 legislative session there was a bill that would have brought collective bargaining to all state employees.  While this bill did not become law in Colorado, it is expected that a new bill will be introduced in the 2020 legislative session which would give collective bargaining to state employees.  The ACSPP is keenly interested in finding out your opinion on this matter.  To help us prepare for this possibility, the ACSPP board has worked together to create a survey to find out your opinion on this matter.  This survey can be accessed by using the following link – ACSPP Collective Bargaining Survey

The Association of Colorado State Patrol Professionals would like your input on this subject.  The ACSPP is not advocating for collective bargaining, nor are we discouraging it.  However, because collective bargaining would likely have an impact on pay, benefits, and retirement security, we are taking this proactive step to gather your input so that we can better equip our lobbyist, Mr. Bill Skewes.  We encourage all members of the agency to complete this survey.

(Extracted from Larry Oletski’s monthly CSP email blast on November 7, 2019)