Remembering Patrolman Thomas R. Carpenter

Please take a moment to include Patrolman Thomas R. Carpenter in your thoughts today.

On December 27, 1973, Patrolman Carpenter stopped a 1964 Chevrolet on the westbound ramp from Broadway onto US Highway 36. A physical altercation developed between Carpenter and the occupants. It is believed Carpenter was kidnapped and his service weapon taken from him. At 10:00 a.m., he gave his location as Interstate 70 and Havana, eight miles out of his assigned area. Shortly after this, Carpenter and his patrol car were found in a Montbello parking lot. Carpenter had been shot four times with his own weapon from the back seat of the patrol car. No one was charged with the murder, and the case is considered closed. The two prime suspects were killed in unrelated violent altercations.

Carpenter entered the Patrol April 22, 1968.

(Information provided by Colorado State Patrol Alumni Association)