About Us

ChargerEvery day, Colorado State Troopers help people. We help motoring travelers across our state, and we aide other law enforcement organizations. We’re guardians of Colorado’s well-being.  It’s a tall order and it demands a high degree of professionalism, courage and commitment.

The Association of Colorado State Patrol Professionals (ACSPP) exists to support the men and women who accept this challenge to provide the best enforcement services to the people of our state.  ACSPP is made up of Troopers, Port of Entry Officers, Communication Officers and Civilians willing to make one more commitment – the commitment to help each other.

Previously known as the Patrol Protective Association, or “PPA”, the ACSPP has served its members since 1936, providing benefits and protective features that cannot be supplied by the Colorado State Patrol.  The Association is a 501 (c) 5 non profit public service organization focusing on providing employee uniformed and civilian members of the Colorado State Patrol, Port of Entry, Colorado Bureau of Investigations and the Colorado Department of Public Safety with an improved quality of life. Benefits include a life insurance policy, legal defense, a variety of insurance plans, discounted programs and services, news and publications, Colorado State Patrol merchandise, and other benefits.  As always, the Association and its Leadership continually focuses on significantly improving benefits and services for our members.

The Mission of the Association of Colorado State Patrol Professionals is:

  1. To represent the collective interests of patrol personnel in matters involving compensation, benefits, and the retirement security they have earned.
  2. To offer members access to legal council during critical incident(s), administrative/disciplinary, criminal, civil, and traffic matters that occur in the line of duty.
  3. To promote a positive image of the Colorado State Patrol and support its members and their families.

Vision Statement

To be a strong Association with a committed, elected leadership team that supports, informs, and advocates for our members the potential challenges to their compensation, benefits, and the retirement security that they have earned.

The leadership of the Association is striving to increase the scope and relevancy of the Association’s member benefits. Please read more about the benefits offered to members, or more information on becoming a member.