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Please take a moment to include Trooper Zachariah Templeton in your thoughts. On October 11, 2007 at 4:40 p.m., Trooper Templeton and Trooper Scott Hinshaw were assisting a motorist who had lost one of two plastic farm chemical tanks he was hauling on a flatbed trailer in the median northbound on I-76, east of 96th … Continue reading


Please take a moment to include Richard Cahalan in your thoughts. Patrolman Richard J. Cahalan  was killed September 28, 1957 in a patrol car accident seven miles west of Kremmling when his patrol car went off the road and down a fifty-foot embankment. He may have been forced off the road by an oncoming vehicle, … Continue reading


Please take a moment to include Harold Bechtelheimer in your thoughts. Patrolman Bechtelheimer (Beck) was the first CSP officer to be slain in the line of duty. While patrolling US Highway 85-87 north of Colorado Springs, he encountered a green Buick traveling southbound at a high speed. Before Beck could approach the vehicle, the passenger … Continue reading


Please take a moment to include Trooper Charles A. Fry in your thoughts. Trooper Fry was on routine patrol of Interstate 25 when he contacted a northbound vehicle south of the Douglas County line September 26, 1987. He was issuing a traffic citation when a drunken driver struck Fry as he stood by the vehicle. … Continue reading

Battle of the Badges

The 1st Annual “Battle of the Badges” will take place on August 11 at Lakewood High School from noon until 5:00 pm.  Check out the following link for more information: LAKEWOOD EVENT-07272018104839

Firefighters Carfest

The Firefighters Carfest is this Sunday,  August 5, at Stenger Soccer Complex from 9:00 am to 2:00 pm. Click on the following link to see more information: CAR FEST-07272018101648

Remembering Sergeant Willis Hugh Purdy

Please take a moment to include Sergeant Willis Hugh Purdy in your thoughts today. Sergeant Purdy had finished his shift July 31, 1976 when dispatchers informed him of severe weather problems in the Big Thompson Canyon, west of Loveland. As Purdy proceeded into the canyon, he ordered evacuation in the lower areas below the canyon, … Continue reading