Become a Member

To become a member of the Association of Colorado State Patrol Professionals, one must be a sworn officer, communications officer, or civilian employee of the Colorado State Patrol, Port of Entry, Colorado Department of Public Safety, or the Colorado Bureau of Investigation.   Other than an agreement by the member to abide by the rules and regulations of the Association and to accept the duty of paying all monthly dues regularly assessed, no other qualification is required.

Association Member Dues are as follows:

Membership Type

First year of employment

Monthly Dues


Monthly Dues

Uniform Member w/Legal Defense $33.75* $49.25*
Uniform Member w/NO Legal Defense $20.00 $35.50
Civilian Members $15.00 $24.00
Communications Officer $15.00 $24.00
Port of Entry $15.00 $24.00
Legal Defense Fund $13.75 $13.75

*amount including PLEA Legal Defense.

Spousal Rates:

When both spouses are members of the Association, the second spousal membership will be $20.00 per month for Uniformed Employees and $15.00 per month for Civilian and Communications Employees.

To BECOME A MEMBER, complete the following forms:

1. ACSPP Enrollment Form: acspp-enrollment-form 1 01 2018

This form contains all needed personal information and confirms your desire to join the ACSPP.

2. Reliance Standard Designation of Beneficiary.   ($60,000 for accidental death, $20,000 if not accidental)

3. PLEA Group Legal Defense Enrollment Form Membership does not automatically include the PLEA Legal Defense (PLEA) premium; your consent for this insurance is required through an Enrollment Form. This coverage can be added or dropped at any time (effective the first of any given month).


OPTION A: CDPS Payroll Deduction Form to have dues taken from your paycheck (this form must be submitted to the ACSPP office by the 10th of the month to be effective for the following month’s dues) OR

OPTION B: Authorization for Direct Dues Payment (ACH) Form for dues payment to be debited directly from your checking account;

Once all of your forms are filled out, please submit them to the Association’s administrative office:

Association of Colorado State Patrol Professionals
55 Wadsworth Blvd
Lakewood, CO 80226

(303) 237-2067


Your membership will be effective the first of the month following receipt of these forms in the ACSPP office.

When employment terminates, except for retirement, membership automatically ceases.

Upon retirement, membership continues in an inactive capacity and no dues are collected but a $5,000 life insurance policy remains in place.