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Executive Committee Update

Dear Members, The ACSPP Board of Directors is pleased to announce the following changes and updates and elected officials to form the most recent Executive Committee of the Board: Bellamann Hee, your new ACSPP President of the Board JoAnna Pruitt, your new ACSPP Vice President of the Board Joe Mikita, your ACSPP Secretary/Treasurer of the … Continue reading

CCRS Announcement on PERA Attacks: Alamosa and Durango Events THIS WEEK

Members,                                                                                                                                                                                             10/7/2013 We want to keep you in the loop about upcoming events that will directly affect you and your retirement realities. PERA puts over $3.2 BILLION into Colorado’s economy every year. We are on a mission to make sure as many people around the state know how important PERA is. The need for … Continue reading

Sticker Shock: In Defense of Legal Defense

Call me biased, but I like Troopers. And I love the CSP Family that I’ve become a part of — from gaining friends in the Comm Center, Admins, VA’s alike. I like seeing you all safe, sound, and able to perform your duties without skipping a beat. But, in an already dangerous and thankless profession … Continue reading

CSP Store Announcement

Out with the old, and in with the new: CSP Store Merchandise Update While there is no longer a physical store at the CSP Academy, the ACSPP has taken action to accommodate and offer existing merchandise to interested buyers. HOURS OF OPERATION: For the time being, we’ll  be open for the following days and hours… … Continue reading

Amendment S Colorado

Submitted to the Association today were a few editorials surrounding ballot initiative Amendment S regarding proposed changes to the state personnel system.  Four ‘Letters to the Editor’ and one ‘Opposite the Editor’‘ pieces were sent our way, so we’re sending them your way.   We invite you to get educated, and support as you see fit. … Continue reading