Jason Manspeaker



Date of hire

1999-07-12 00:00


Jason Manspeaker joined the Colorado State Patrol on July 12, 1999, graduating from the Academy on December 10, 1999 as “Top Gun.” On January 23, 2001 Trooper Manspeaker was responding to a call regarding the possible sighting of two fugitives of the “Texas Seven,” who were wanted for the slaying of an Irving, Texas police officer. After passing eastbound through the Eisenhower Tunnel on dry pavement, Trooper Manspeaker’s vehicle hit the steep, icy off ramp of U.S. 6, skidding into a “low- boy” trailer legally parked in a snow-covered, dirt pullout. Despite the efforts of another Trooper to resuscitate him, Trooper Manspeaker died of his injuries. Sadly, the vehicle Trooper Manspeaker was seeking did not contain the “Texas Seven” fugitives, but instead was determined to belong to a local construction worker. Trooper Manspeaker was 25 years old.

Memorial service information

Interment: Orchard Mesa Cemetery, Grand Junction, Colorado Block A, Row 30, Lot 12, Space 3

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