Why the ACSPP?

As an active member in good standing with the Association of Colorado State Patrol Professionals, the following benefits are readily available:

Death Benefit

An active member of the Association of Colorado State Patrol Professionals is covered by a Life Insurance Policy with Accidental Death and Dismemberment benefits and a stand-alone Accidental Death policy. If death is due to an illness, or cause other than an accident, the policy pays $20,000. If death is due to an accident, an additional $40,000 is paid ($20,000 from the Accidental part of the Life Policy and $20,000 from the stand-alone Accidental Death Policy). Dismemberment is covered under the Life Insurance Policy.  Current carrier for this policy is Reliance Standard Life Insurance.

Fallen Officer’s Fund

The unthinkable.  What would happen if you were killed in the line of duty?  In conjunction with state and federal law which provides free tuition, room and board for dependents of first responders killed in the line of duty at Colorado’s colleges and universities, the Family Foundation will ensure that additional expenses such as books, fees and other miscellaneous expenses are covered for dependents of Association Members.  Read more in this brochure here.

PLEA Professional Law Enforcement Association

PLEA Group Legal Defense is the Legal Defense for Association members.  As a carrier of this valuable policy, you are covered with 24-hour service for Duty-related Civil, Criminal & Administrative (Supplemental) $8,000 per incident, $20,000 lifetime maximum.  HR-218-Plan A – $5,000 Criminal & $10,000 Civil is included in this plan. This optional benefit is $13.75 per month and is available to uniforms, civilians, communications, and Port of Entry Association members.

24 Hours a Day – 7 Days a Week – 365 Days a Year 1 800 367 4321
Legal Defense Fund Monthly Premium $13.75


At the direction of the Board of Directors, the Association lobbyist works with the legislature and other government representatives on any legislative measure that would improve benefits for employees of the Colorado State Patrol. Efforts focus on salaries, insurance, retirement, and any other compensation related issues.  Bill Skewes is the new ACSPP Lobbyist.  Thank you to Terry Campbell for his service to the Association.

Supplemental Insurances

The Association offers exclusive and competitive member savings on a variety of  optional supplemental insurances:

Aflac  Insurance offers Association members discounted savings on four supplemental insurance plans: Personal Cancer Indemnity, Specific Health Event Protection, Hospital Intensive Care Protection, and Personal Accident Indemnity. For more information, contact Tim Buchanan at 303-918-0331.

Colonial Life Insurance is a true supplemental company that pays disability income over and above all other insurance, including worker’s compensation. Cash benefits are paid directly to you for on AND off-the-job injuries and begins the first day for accidents and the fifteenth day for old injury or sickness. Plans include: Disability Income, Cancer, Critical Illness, Intensive Care, and Life Insurance. For more information, call Karen Koch or Jennifer Gerdes at (303)-791-7771, or Sharesa Fetrow at (303)-688-5922.

NYL logoNew York Life provides insurance and investment products. Insurance products such as Life Insurance and Long-Term Care Insurance can help protect your family and preserve your assets. Investment products such as Retirement Income, Investment Annuities and Mutual Funds that can help.


California Casualty is a new insurance product the Association of Colorado State Patrol Professionals voted to endorse.  They are a new member benefit offering personal auto and home insurance.  If you are looking for an alternative or new insurance, please see the attached flyer.

Hardship Fund

Members may request assistance from the Hardship Fund managed by the Colorado State Patrol Family Foundation. This fund has been used to assist members in a variety of ways, including bu not limited to such things as flooded homes, medical bills, payment of Association member dues during difficult times, and helping with phone bills.  Apply for assistance from the Hardship Fund.

Scholarship Fund

Association Members, their spouses, or their dependents are eligible to apply for scholarships offered through the Colorado State Patrol Family Foundation on an annual basis. Find out more about the types of scholarships and when they are available.

Alive At 25 Defensive Driving Program Tuition

Dependents of Association Members receive free tuition for first-time and voluntary attendance in the Alive at 25 program.

Flowers or Memorial Donation

Flowers will be sent in the event of the death of a member, a member’s spouse, child, or parent. In lieu of flowers, a donation may be made to a designated charity.  Please contact the Association’s administrative office at (303) 237-7439 for notices and to coordinate this effort.

The Colorado State Patrol Magazine

The next Patrol magazine is scheduled to be published in Winter/Fall 2019. Noticed that the name of the magazine has changed from the Colorado State Trooper to the Colorado State Patrol? That way we can include many of our Civilians, Port of Entry Officers, etc.,

Have any interesting stories? Please submit them to cspmag1@gmail.com

Retiree Lifetime Rate

As an Association member in good standing upon retirement, your membership dues are paid up for life. The life insurance policy converts to a flat $5,000 death benefit.  While still a member of the ACSPP, you can also learn more about the Colorado State Patrol Alumni Association here

Not yet an Association Member?

If you are a Colorado State Patrol, Port of Entry, or Colorado Bureau of Investigations employee, we would love to have your join our Association Family!  Visit the ‘Become a Member’ page, and then fill out and submit the membership application.  Don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions, concerns, or issues.